About Me

Hi! My name is Amanda. I am a game programmer and an artist. I was born in Sweden but lived for 5 years in Germany and 1 year in Canada.

I have a strong passion for enviromental storytelling games and comfy puzzle games. I love making games ane enjoy working with other people on something we are all passionate about. I work well with others and try to have a nice and welcoming personallity.
I value communication when working with others and always strive to try and communicate with others as much as I can.

I studied Computer Science, Visual Art, and Economics in while living in Germany and graduated in 2021. After I graduated my, family and I moved to Canada where I worked for 1 year and sudied on the side. I am now currently studying at game programming TGA.


I am an Artist and have been drawing or painting ever since I was little. My mom is a painter so I get my creativity from her. I paint, sketch, corchet, and felt a lot in my free time.

I have always been playing games with my dad. Some of my earliest memories of gaming are from when me and my dad would play games together, or rather he would play and I would watch as he played. My current favourite games are Inscryption, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Dead Cells, and Vampire Survivours.