My IB Visual Art Exhibition

“Judging Eyes” was my first piece I made for the exhibition. It is about feeling unconfortable in your own skin. The uncomfortable feeling could be from people watching you, disliking yourself, social standards for beuty or other feelings. I wanted the viewer to feel the uncomfortable feeling I tried to portray in the piece.

For me this piece was about my self confidence and feeling like I always stood out in a bad way making me uncomfortable in my every day life.

“Pressure” is about pressure, stress, depression, whatever emotion the viewer feels when they look at the piece. For me this piece was about the stress and preaaure I felt from school.

“Stages of…” is about the 5 stages of grief: Denial, Bargening, Anger, Depression, Acceptance.
I liked the thought of mixing media in this art piece. Mixing two medias that usually dont go together and so I ended up with a watercolor painted flower with embroidered details on it.

This is one of my favourite pieces I made for this exhibition.

“The green-eyed monster” is about jealousy. “The green-eyed monster” is a way to describe jealousy. Many see the color green as jealousyand so I made that the focus of this piece.

The snake is also a common symbol of jealousy.

“Feeling different still the same” was about love ans appreciation for others. Each lilly has its own meaning of appreciation and love which is represented throught the text behind each lilly.

“Loves me, Loves me not” is a piece about the young love we all had. When you pick up a flower and take of the pedals one by one counting, “loves me, loves me not, loves me, loves me not”.

This piece was one I really enjoyed making. I made it with origami flowers I made and then cut out each petal for each flower.

“Happy Never After” is about that fairy tale love we hear about when we are young. All the fary tale stories we are read and told from a very young age that in real life very rearly happen.

In life love is more complicated and the fairy tale ending will for most take more than one try. I used books to represent the tales we ar told, the heart is broken up because of these books and on the heart is pictures that are fading of what seems to be fary tale relationships.

“9 Emotions” depicts 9 different emotions we all feel. I used only female models to depict these emotions because of the social standard that females are “too emotional”. I wanted to play of this social standard and depict emotions we all feel.