Space Trip

“Save an astronaut from losing their oxygen while experiencing a psychedelic trip through mind and space.”

Space Trip was the first ever game I made using Unity. I previously worked with JavaScript, Python, and Swift. We had 6 weeks to create an obstacle game using Unity. Space Trip is based on the game “Race the Sun”.
You play as a Chip, a robot who is trying to save his astronaut friend Trip. It is a time-based game with a timer and a high score counter. Try to get to the end as fast as possible!

What I worked on

I worked on the UI for the game. I made the pause menu, level select and credits. I also helped with the options menu if I was needed.

I did the menus because I felt that since I had never worked in Unity before and everyone else in my group had already worked and made games in Unity. I asked to take the menus because there are a lot of “how to” videos to how you make menus and it felt like a good place to start making games for me.

I had the most trouble with the pause screen and with the resolutions. There was a big struggle with how to keep the layout in all resolutions but after trial and error and google, I managed to get all resolutions work with all the menus.

What I am most proud of

I am most proud of the pause menu. I am most proud of the pause menu because I had never worked in Unity before. Being able to make a working menu and actively pausing the game was a huge achievement for me.

I had a lot of trouble unpausing the game while working on the pause menu but in the end I realized I could use “WaitForSecondsRealtime” to unpause because Delta Time was set to 0.

What I learned

Since this was my first ever game made with Unity I learned a lot about how to use Unity. I also learned a lot about the prefabs and components and scripts and how everything works.

This was also the first game I ever made with C#/C++ because previous to this i had ever only programmed in JavaScript, Python and Swift made games or apps in all 3.